Feel like your offshore initiative is off the rails?                         

Reduce your risk of a potential project failure by having offshore representation working with your vendor.

Common Failure Points in the Offshore Model:

  • Lack of planning, no roadmap
  • Fractured integrated processes
  • Reactive vs. proactive management
  • Lack of cadence
  • Lack of accountability
  • Unclear support procedures and workflows
  • Poorly developed requirements
  • Growing resource cost due to delays
  • Lack of usable/correct data on requests and resolutions
  • Client and employee dissatisfaction
  • Lack of metrics, poor decision making based on data
  • Poor governance

How to reduce risk and drive cost effectiveness in your organization:



Our Offshore Management Consulting can help you take control:

We offer a collaborative approach of Engagement Management and Program Advisory services that can assist you from the beginning to end of a project, or you can elect to have us assist you with specific areas of concern to increase the success of your project and reduce your risk. Use real time expertise to provide offshore knowledge and process management. We target companies who outsource their IT Infrastructure Services, Call Centers, and Back-Office operations.

One of our key specializations is in the business transformation of existing service and request management platforms to ServiceNow

Engagement Management:

  • Act as liaison between client and vendor to manage the success of your initiative
    • We understand the cultural differences and we can bridge the gap when it comes to expectations
    • Day-to-day interaction to ensure adherence to contract and plan acting as your single point of contact (POC)
    • Neutral to process to ensure strategic and tactical alignment with your business objectives whether it is cost savings, process efficiency, or growing your business
    • Active participation in vendor management life cycle: Evaluate à Select à Monitor Performance à Optimize
    • Establishment and management of a governance process so that decisions can be made in a timely manner and to ensure success of the initiative.
    • Assistance with technical and operational strategy
    • Integrated client and vendor roadmaps
    • Aligning expectations and vendor dependencies in a multi-vendor environment
    • Evaluation of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) throughout Life Cycle

Program Advisory:

Driving success through assistance during pre-contract, program initiation, execution of a project, transition to operations, and during on-going operations.

  • Pre-Contract
  • Vendor analysis
  • Due diligence and capability validation
  • Assessment of vendor’s environment
  • Program Initiation
    • Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Project planning (schedule, stakeholder, communications, quality, risk assessment, stakeholder, change control)
    • Kickoff
  • Risk Management from vendor selection, contracting, and during outsource management
  • Execution
    • Manage progress / schedule / Checkpoint management
    • Managing inter-dependencies between multiple vendors
    • Problem identification and defining solution with alternatives
    • Problem resolution
    • Communications and reporting
    • Project controls
    • Project governance
  • Transition to Operations
    • Organizational Change Management
      • Behavior change management aligning with the client and the vendor
    • Operational readiness
    • Deployment specification, guidance, and management
  • Outsourcing Management (On-going Operations)
    • Operations management focused on outcomes
    • OLA, SLA &KPI management and oversight
    • Contract and Vendor management
    • Auditing Operations
    • Vendor satisfaction surveys
    • On-going Risk Assessment and Management