Here are a few client testimonials:  


“Michael is one of the best Management Consultant/Process Architects I have had pleasure working with. His versatile experience, focus and drive enabled us to deliver a global initiative in a record time and within a very limited budget. Michael was able to manage the initiative while navigating a very fluid business and IT environment and under great deal of pressure from the competing priorities.

Michael – the War Room will not be the same without you leading us!”

Michael B. SVP Global IT / Operations & Infrastructure / Leader in IT Transformation & Service Delivery



“Michael is a hard working, experienced and focused professional. While at Warner Music Group, Michael managed all aspects of a global IT Service Delivery transformation including project management, process improvement, vendor management, technology implementation and system configuration. He is determined, committed and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Michael is an exceptional leader and would be a key addition to any company looking for a leader to take on a difficult and challenging project.”

Shawn M. Director of Professional Services



“I hired Michael in the early days of the LightSquared project to assist with the PMO establishment. He brought a wealth of knowledge, experience and new ideas, which enabled us to get things off the ground quickly.

He thrived in the fast moving start-up environment and was eager to engage and support new activities. In particular, he very quickly put structure around the early engagements with device vendors who were operating at multiple locations across the globe. He maintained a professional approach throughout establishing effective internal and external working relationships. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Michael again.”

Tim S. Director Assurance and Managed Services



“I had the privilege of working with Michael at LightSquared (formerly SkyTerra) when he came in as part of the Harbinger Wireless group to help establish a top-down program management and reporting structure. Michael was a strategic thinker, while he could also boil things down to tasks and steps that needed to be accomplished to help LightSquared achieve its aggressive and ambitious goals in a marketplace filled with competition and scrutiny. He was open to adapting to the existing environment while thankfully not being bashful about pointing out glaring issues and challenges, ever so constructively. He was willing to work with just about any group to help them take their ‘game’ to the next level, and share his ideas and contribute positively. His knowledge and background of the telecom industry were invaluable. I would be fortunate to work with Michael again, and would recommend him across the board for program management roles.”

Sanika M. Risk and IT Management Consultant



“Michael led two projects for my AT&T client which included process improvements as well as establishing a PMO to manage and monitor initiatives to support a budget shortfall. Michael can be counted on to manage the client and team, and consistently delivering work products that exceed the client’s expectations. He is extremely bright, well respected by his peers, and recognized as an authority in project and process management. Michael is exceptional at team work and communicating both upwards and downwards—a great asset for any organization.”

Enda F.   Head of Sales



“Michael is a superb project management professional, capable of managing even the most complex stakeholders relationships, identifying and managing risks and deliver on time and on cost … even in the most challenging environments

Regardless of the complexity or scale of the project at hand, I’d want Michael running the programme for me …”

Peter F.  Managing Director


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