What is LEGO® Serious Play® ?


In my journey to assist clients in problem solving, improving their business processes, and developing new processes to meet their customer’s expectations, I have invested in putting my facilitation skills to use with the LEGO® Serious Play® Method which has proven to be quite effective.

LEGO® Serious Play® is a methodology to unleash your creativity, knowledge, understanding, and communication in order to solve problems and improve your decision making capabilities.  Using our hands to engage our brain, we are making neural connections to both sides of the brain and liberating our creative forces.  The hands enable us to release our thoughts, and those thoughts help us to expand and build in detail so that we are more easily understood.


We are serious about our play as it must have a purpose, it is exploratory and constructive – not an implementation, and it’s a process that unfolds to deliver an outcome. We play by simple rules,  so that when properly facilitated allows for full participation, listening and being heard, and allows us to understand knowledge through the language of metaphors.

What can we explore with LEGO® Serious Play® ?

Actually, you can explore a lot, but we stick to what we are experts at and that includes:

  • Process Improvement
  • Process Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy – Customer Experience
  • Change Management – Adoption for Success
  • Team Building

We will work with you to develop your custom workshop by establishing clear objectives and outcomes. There is a pre-workshop meeting with a few follow-ups to discuss and finalize the objectives and outcomes, and the workshop itself is generally 4 to 6 hours long for approximately 8 to 15 participants.

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